Our passion for custom typography fuels everything we do here at Moshik Nadav Typography and is evident in the unique shapes we create for each letter of our fonts. Our mission in creating custom typeface is to take the traditional shape of every letter and re-invent it so it has an exciting new appearance. We adore fashion and we believe that the combination of fashion and fonts can manifest enticing new looks for any fashion magazine out there.  

We set a goal to create innovative typography, invent better fonts, and embolden every single letter in exciting, never before seen ways - exactly as we did in the playful ampersand project. We took the traditional shape of an ampersand, deconstructed it and revolutionized the shape to create a new ampersand design. Today, although instantly recognizable, we took the traditional shape, broke the rules - and the mold - to create our stylish, sumptuous, original look.

In addition to our obsession in designing a unique and archetypal ampersand, we love reinventing the shape of the lowercase “g.” The lowercase “g” has long been a source of inspiration and creativity for us. We simply love everything about it. The lowercase “g” is so exuberant. There is so much scope to play with its space and to re-invent every curve and every line. We started to design our first lowercase “g" in the Paris Typeface. The results are awe-inspiring, contemporary shapes. The fresh design remains instantly recognizable but revamps the letter form in a surprising and mesmerizing way. It has left a lasting impression on many admirers of custom typography and fashion design, alike.

Moshik Nadav Typography lowercase g

Paris Typeface (Regular style) alternate lowercase g

Since the inception of our lowercase “g”, it has been showcased in ELLE UK as an integral part of an immense feature on pop queen, Lady Gaga. GQ magazine also used the lowercase “g” for their issue on legendary fashion designer, Giorgio Armani. Most recently, our lowercase “g” won the heart of Vogue Magazine. Featured pride of place on the front cover in pillar box red, and used extensively throughout the spread. Vogue’s very special “It Girl” issue has given Moshik Nadav’s lowercase “g” so much love. Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne are amongst the power players under Vogue’s spotlight in this very special edition.

Paris Typeface g in Vogue magazine

Paris Typeface lowercase g on Vogue magazine special it girl style issue next to Gigi Hadid

Lady gaga in Elle UK magazine using Paris typeface lowercase g

Paris Typeface Lowercase is in use by ELLE UK next to Lady Gaga

Paris Pro Typeface in GQ magazine for Giorgio Armani interview

Paris Pro Typeface Uppercase and alternate lowercase g infuse by GQ magazine next to Giorgio Armani

Besides the Paris Typeface lowercase “g”, you can find our other lowercase “g” custom typeface in Paris Pro Typeface and our latest enticing design in Lingerie Typeface. The Paris Pro Typeface is a pro version of Paris Typeface: this lowercase “g” comes with many alternate glyphs and swashes, as it does with Lingerie Typeface. Both are super sexy fonts made for fashion and luxury brands.

Lingerie Typeface lowercase g