Top 6 Best Fonts for Logo Design and Fashion Branding for 2023

16 July 2023

Picking the right font for your logo is challenging in any industry. But for fashion brands, it's especially difficult. There are so many different trends and sub-genres within a fashion that finding a font that represents your brand can feel impossible.

You might want a sexy font that allures customers or a more playful font to show off your fun side. A luxury fashion brand might want typography that looks high-end and sophisticated, while a startup streetwear brand might want something more unique and edgy.

To help you out, we've rounded up some of the best fonts for logo design and branding in the fashion industry. But first, what are some aspects and elements you need to consider when making your choice?

Things to Consider When Choosing a Font for Your Fashion Logo and Branding

There's a lot to take into account when searching fo

the perfect fashion typography for your brand.

Your Brand's Overall Aesthetic

For instance, what's your fashion brand's overall tone and aesthetic? Do you want something sleek and modern or classic and timeless? Remember, you aren't merely choosing a font; you're putting down the cornerstone of your entire brand identity.

Your font should reflect your brand's values and what you want to communicate to your customers. So, thinking about the message you want to send before making your choice is essential.

Scalability and Legibility

You'll also need to consider things like scalability and legibility. A font might look great on your website or in a feature article in Vogue magazine, but if it's hard to read on smaller mediums, will it be effective?

When adding swashes, ligatures, and other calligraphic features, how do they impact legibility? Fashion is a fast-paced industry and the last thing you want customers to get frustrated trying to read your logo and simply moving on to the next thing.

How It Will Interact with Your Logo

In addition, think about how your font will interact with your logo. Is your logo text-only? Will it be used to frame an icon or motif? The way in which you choose to use your font in relation to the logo design and branding itself will also play a role in your decision.

If you're working with a professional fashion logo designer, they should be able to help you create a logo that works well with your chosen font.

Whether You Need Multiple Fonts

Of course, another aspect you need to mull over is whether you will opt for one or several fonts. While you can use a single font throughout all aspects of your branding, some fashion labels prefer to create a more dynamic look by incorporating multiple fonts.

Taking the latter approach is undoubtedly more complex since you need to be sure that the fonts you choose complement each other. It also requires more intricate planning to ensure that your overall branding remains cohesive.

The Foundry or Type Design Agency
You Source Your Font From

Next, you need to consider the foundry or type design agency from which you'll be sourcing your font. In the past, fashion labels would create their own fonts in-house to use as part of their branding. However, with the technological advances in recent years, it's now easier than ever to find high-quality fonts that fit your specific needs.

When choosing a type design agency, it's essential to consider their industry experience, design style, and whether they offer any customization options. If uniqueness is a key concern for you, then working with an agency that offers bespoke typeface designs might be the way to go.

Other Factors to Consider

Lastly, here are some other factors you might want to take into consideration before making your final decision:

  • The personality of the font
  • The overall look and feel of the font
  • If the font works well in both digital and print applications
  • Whether the font has multiple weights and styles
  • The customizability of the font
  • Whether the font has international market appeal

With the major considerations out of the way, let's look at some of the best fonts for fashion logo design and branding in 2023.

Best Fonts for Fashion Logo Design and Branding 2023

1. Segol Typeface

There's no doubt it, Segol Typeface is one of the hottest fashion fonts in 2023. This typeface's vivacious and gorgeous nature makes it perfect for fashion brands that want to convey a sense of fun and excitement.

While Segol Typeface is undeniably bold, it's also incredibly modern and chic. This makes it versatile enough to be used in various branding applications, from website design to fashion editorials.

What's more, there's so much customizability that you won't know where to start! With an expanded palette of 48,000 glyphs, tons of two and three-letter ligatures, and broad-stroke calligraphic or thin Dreamline luxury swashes, you'll be able to create unique, stunning logos in a flash!
2. Lingerie XO Typeface

As they say in the fashion industry: sex sells! And there's undoubtedly no sexier font than Lingerie XO. This typeface oozes sensuality and glamor, making it perfect for fashion brands that want to exude confidence and luxury.

While Lingerie XO is certainly one of the more daring fonts on our list, it's also incredibly sophisticated and elegant. While each curve and line is sumptuous and seductive, they're also perfectly balanced and proportioned. Lingerie XO is an excellent choice for fashion labels that want to tread the line between sexy and stylish.

Once again, Lingerie XO also comes with tons of special characters, swashes, and ligatures to help you create truly unique logos and even boasts 500 ready-made words to give you a logo or branding materials in seconds.

3. Lingerie Typeface

Sometimes the original is always the best! Lingerie was one of the first fashion fonts designed by Moshik Nadav and was painstakingly developed over several years. Today, having appeared in Vogue and other leasing fashion publications, it's one of the most iconic fashion fonts of all time.

This font perfectly blends sexiness with sophistication. Where its sister font (Lingerie XO) may edge it in the seduction stakes, Lingerie delivers an elevated sense of status and power. So if you're looking for a runway-ready font for your fashion logo, this might well be the best fashion typeface for you.

While Lingerie might be one of the older fonts on our list, it's by no means outdated. In fact, it boasts an incredible 700,000 sexy glyphs, and each style comes with more than 30,000 glyphs with swashes, ligatures, and ready-made words. How's that for versatility?

4. Lingerie Wild Pro

Another variation of the original Lingerie font is Lingerie Wild Pro. This typeface has been stripped and redesigned from the ground up to create the most playful font ever designed.

Every curve of this stunning and attention-grabbing font has been manually crafted and is perfect if you want to create something genuinely unique for your fashion logo. Its uncanny ability to draw you in and hold your gaze makes this an excellent choice for high-end fashion labels.

Of course, it's not lacking in features either. There's the wide range of glyphs, innovative open-type features, smart swashes, and exciting ligatures you would expect of an industry-leading typeface.

5. Paris Pro Typeface

Made for mouthwatering logotypes for luxury fashion brands, Paris Pro is one of the most unique fonts on our list. This fashion typeface is all about elegance, opulence, and refinement, with just a dash of playfulness and fun. With its beautiful curves and stylish lines, Paris Pro is perfect for fashion designers who want to create luxurious logos and branding materials.

With literally hundreds of glyphs and ligature combinations, you can customize each individual message so that no word is destined to look the same twice. Whether you need your brand to sometimes burst with boldness or whisper with understated tones, you have no end of creative possibilities at your fingertips.

If you're looking for achic fashion font that oozes luxury, look no further than Paris Pro.

5. Paris Typeface

Developed with Parisian runways and fashion labels in mind, Paris is the little sister of the previously mentioned Paris Pro. Where its older sibling boasts style and sophistication, Paris is all about boldness, classicism, and timeless design.

This fashion font has all the hallmarks of great typography with beautiful curves and stylish lines, but the unique ligatures and alternative glyphs help it stand out from the crowd. By playing with these features, you can create a logo or brand mark that is truly unique.

In addition to upper and lowercase letters, this elegant typeface boasts stunning numerals and symbols that rely on a strong mix of complementary high contrast line strokes – perfect for creating text-only logos or headline branding in promotional materials.

Moshik Nadav Typography is New York's leading foundry for all things fashion. With an impressive client list that includes Vogue, ELLE, and GQ, it's no wonder that Moshik Nadav's fonts are some of the most coveted in the industry.

These sexy, bold, and unique fonts are available to purchase from our online store, and it's possible to work closer with Moshik Nadav himself on more customized logotype and fashion branding projects.